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4 months ago

Joe Cuckold The Super Hero

It's fine he's heard it and doesn't mind. Because I've got meme writing tenure I can come in to work high so I imagined Joe Cuckold as a superhero!
What powers would Joe Posses?

"The Compulsive Cuckoldry Conundrum": Joe Cuckold's superpower is the ability to unintentionally cuckold himself in any situation, turning even the most mundane tasks into awkward encounters. Who needs supervillains when you can have Joe inadvertently ruining his own relationships?

"The Absurd Adultery Aura": Joe Cuckold emits a mysterious aura that compels people around him to engage in ridiculous acts of infidelity, turning innocent bystanders into unwitting participants in his chaotic love triangles. Who needs mind control when you have Joe's accidental influence?

"The Spectacular Scapegoat Syndrome": Joe Cuckold has the uncanny ability to become the scapegoat for every relationship mishap within a hundred-mile radius, deflecting blame with his trademark charm and bewildered innocence. Who needs accountability when you can have Joe taking the fall?

"The Marriage Maelstrom Manipulator": Joe Cuckold can manipulate the fabric of reality to create elaborate scenarios that test the strength of even the most solid marriages, leaving couples questioning their own fidelity and sanity. Who needs reality warping when you have Joe's chaotic influence?

"The Cosmic Cuckoldry Catastrophe": Joe Cuckold possesses the power to inadvertently attract cosmic calamities that disrupt the natural order of the universe, turning cosmic balance into cosmic chaos with a single awkward glance. Who needs cosmic villains when you have Joe's cosmic mishaps?