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4 months ago

Please talk to her

What a generous man!But if his pockets are open go crazy I say!
Here are five whimsical requests one might jokingly make of their girlfriend's sugar daddy:

"Hey, could you ask your sugar daddy if he can finance my dream of opening a cat café? I promise to name the fluffiest kitten after him!"

"Do you think your sugar daddy could fund a 'Netflix and naps' retreat for us? I'm thinking silk pajamas, unlimited snacks, and a butler to press play on our favorite shows."

"I heard your sugar daddy is good with investments. Think he'd be interested in putting some cash into my 'Taco Tuesday' food truck idea? Free tacos for life could be his reward!"

"So, do you think your sugar daddy would be up for sponsoring a 'Pajama Party for Adults' complete with pillow fights, blanket forts, and midnight snacks? I'm sure he'd love to join in the fun!"

"Could you ask your sugar daddy if he'd be willing to fund my 'World Tour of Weird Foods' expedition? I'll send him postcards from every bizarre snack I try!"