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wakeing up

5 months ago
Waking up sucks anyway
More fun when you both sleep in
Here are five funny reasons why your girlfriend might wake you up:

The "Dream Interpreter": She's convinced that your dream about being chased by a giant marshmallow means you secretly desire a s'mores-themed vacation.

The "Pillow Thief": She's caught you in the act of stealing all the pillows in your sleep and wants to negotiate a fair distribution before she ends up pillow-less.

The "Midnight Munchies Monitor": She's caught you sleepwalking to the fridge again, and this time, you're eating peanut butter straight from the jar with a spatula.

The "Snoring Symphony": She's decided to join in on your nightly duet, harmonizing with your snores in an attempt to create a new hit single titled "The Snorechestra."

The "Blanket Bandit": She's found you cocooned in the bed sheets like a human burrito and wants to make sure you haven't accidentally transformed into a caterpillar overnight.
Waking up sucks anyway