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5 months ago
Bruh moments
Must happen pretty often if you've created a quirky cute name for them
These are bruh moments not cheating

The "Wrong Door" Mishap:
Walking confidently into what you think is the bathroom, only to realize it's actually the broom closet. Bruh.

The "Reply All" Disaster:
Accidentally hitting "reply all" on an email and sending a snarky comment about your boss to the entire company. Bruh.

The "Wrong Name" Blunder:
Calling your new significant other by your ex's name during a romantic dinner. Bruh.

The "Lost Keys" Fiasco:
Spending 20 minutes frantically searching for your keys, only to realize they've been in your pocket the whole time. Bruh.

The "Unexpected Zoom" Surprise:
Forgetting to mute yourself during a Zoom meeting and accidentally broadcasting your questionable music taste to your entire team. Bruh.
Bruh moments