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5 months ago

Enjoy family life my dude

No takesie baksies. But you can suesis themsies! Here are some ways you could argue some sweet honeymoon money out of them in court:

The Cap Proposal Catastrophe: Argue that the soft drink company's "will you marry me" printed bottle cap was a reckless act of romantic sabotage. You innocently twisted open a bottle, only to be blindsided by an unexpected marriage proposal from a stranger who mistook you for the love of their life.

The Cap Conundrum Conspiracy: Accuse the soft drink company of orchestrating a diabolical plot to disrupt the institution of marriage with their mischievous bottle caps. You were just trying to enjoy a refreshing beverage when you inadvertently became entangled in their matrimonial mayhem.

The Cap Caprice Calamity: Assert that the soft drink company's whimsical "will you marry me" bottle cap campaign was a reckless gamble with people's emotions. You never intended to tie the knot with a random passerby, but the irresistible allure of the proposal printed on the cap led to a comedy of errors.

The Cap Chaos Controversy: Claim that the soft drink company's ill-advised decision to print "will you marry me" on their bottle caps caused widespread confusion and chaos. You thought you were simply indulging in a refreshing beverage, not unwittingly entering into a lifelong commitment with a stranger.

The Cap Capitulation Comedy: Assert that the soft drink company's mischievous "will you marry me" bottle cap campaign was a comedic disaster waiting to happen. You never imagined that a simple twist of a cap would lead to an impromptu marriage proposal from a bewildered bystander.