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3 months ago
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5 months ago
Makes you want to get some coffe though
Most expensive coffee money can buy
Your company logo shouldn't be sexy trust our underpaid intern on this with his fever dream 5 reasons why

"Sales Sizzle to Fizzle":
"A sexy logo might turn heads, but it could also turn away customers faster than you can say 'sales slump.'"

"Inappropriate Impressions":
"A sexy logo could give the wrong impression, leaving customers wondering if they stumbled into the wrong place."

"Awkward Office Encounters":
"Explaining a sultry logo in a board meeting? Awkward. Keep it professional to avoid blushing faces."

"Legal Love Triangle":
"A sexy logo could land your company in a legal mess faster than you can say 'copyright infringement.'"

"Not Safe for Networking":
"A logo that's too sexy might steal the spotlight at networking events. Keep it PG for smoother connections."
Makes you want to get some coffe though