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5 months ago

My kind of consipracy theory

A real VIP -very important primate. All I want to take from this meme is the conspiracy theory is George W Bush is Harambe's father.
That's it I'm dead set on this. Here are 5 conspiracy theories eluding to the fact that George W Bush is Harambe's dad:

The Banana Bill: Rumor has it that George W. Bush's favorite snack during his presidency wasn't pretzels, but bananas. Some speculate that his affinity for this fruit led him to frequent visits to the zoo, where he developed a special bond with a certain gorilla named Harambe.

The Texas Troop Theory: Conspiracy theorists claim that George W. Bush, a proud Texan, has a secret militia of loyal gorillas hidden away in the Lone Star State. Harambe, being the most famous of these gorillas, is said to have been groomed for greatness from birth.

The Dubya DNA Debate: Unverified reports suggest that traces of presidential DNA were found in Harambe's enclosure shortly before his tragic demise. Some speculate that this was part of a covert operation to cover up the truth about Harambe's true parentage.

The Oval Office Orangutan: According to this theory, George W. Bush's family tree has a few unexpected branches—including a distant cousin who happened to be an orangutan. Could Harambe be the missing link between humans and primates in the Bush family tree?

The Wacky White House Wildlife: It's no secret that the White House has housed some unusual pets over the years, from alligators to raccoons. But could a gorilla named Harambe have been among them? Some believe that George W. Bush kept Harambe as a secret pet during his time in office, raising him like a son before releasing him into the wild.