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5 months ago

Suffering from success

When your colleagues are quiet quitting planned mediocrity looks like a go-getter attitude
Here are five humorous reasons why a bad employee might get promoted:

The "Reverse Psychology" Promotion: Management figures that if they promote the worst employee, everyone else will work harder to avoid the same fate. It's the corporate version of "leading by negative example."

The "Office Mascot" Promotion: Despite their lackluster performance, they're just so darn likable! Management decides to promote them to boost office morale – after all, who wouldn't feel better knowing that even the most incompetent among us can rise to the top?

The "Goldfish Bowl" Promotion: Management has a short memory and forgets about all the past mistakes. It's like they're operating in a goldfish bowl, where every lap around the tank is a fresh start!

The "Squeaky Wheel" Promotion: They may not be the best employee, but they're definitely the loudest. Management promotes them just to stop the constant complaining and whining – anything for a little peace and quiet!

The "Peter Principle" Promotion: They've reached the pinnacle of their incompetence in their current role, so management decides to promote them to a higher position where they can be even more spectacularly ineffective.