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5 months ago

A Surprise Wedding For Who?

But a welcome one. Not recommended but you could pick one of these strategies if you're really dead set on emulating this woman!

Skywriting Surprise: Hire a skywriter to spell out "Will you marry me?" above your house on the morning of the wedding. When your groom steps outside to see what all the fuss is about, you'll be waiting in your wedding dress with a bouquet in hand.

Undercover Invitation: Have a friend pose as a delivery person and hand-deliver a mysterious package to your groom's door. Inside, he'll find a message that reads, "Your presence is requested at a top-secret event," along with a pair of cufflinks or socks embroidered with wedding bells.

Scavenger Hunt Hijinks: Send your groom on a wild goose chase around town, with each clue leading him closer to the big reveal. The final clue could lead him to a park where you're waiting under a beautifully decorated arch, ready to say "I do."

Puzzle Piece Proposal: Create a custom jigsaw puzzle featuring a photo of the two of you and the words "Will you marry me?" Once he puts the puzzle together, he'll realize that the last piece is missing—and you'll be there to hand it to him, along with an invitation to your wedding.

Flash Mob Fiasco: Organize a surprise flash mob in a public place where you and your groom frequently hang out. As he watches in disbelief, the dancers will spell out "Will you marry me?" in choreographed movements, and you'll emerge from the crowd to pop the question—and extend an invitation to your wedding, of course!