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5 months ago

Now you're thinking with portals

While being homeless ...that's the not fun part.
But a family that starves together stays together...until they starve of course.
Here are some fun ways familial starvation brings you together:

"The Hunger Games: Family Edition": Not affording food brings the family together in a competitive spirit, turning mealtime into a thrilling scavenger hunt for snacks hidden in the pantry. Who needs board games when you can have the real Hunger Games?

"The Culinary Creativity Club": Not affording food sparks the family's creativity in the kitchen, turning leftovers into gourmet masterpieces and transforming canned goods into culinary delights. Who needs a Michelin-starred restaurant when you have a budget-friendly family kitchen?

"The Financial Fiasco Fellowship": Not affording food fosters a sense of camaraderie as the family bands together to brainstorm creative ways to stretch their grocery budget, from coupon clipping marathons to strategic meal planning sessions. Who needs financial advisors when you have a thrifty family team?

"The Potluck Party": Not affording food turns mealtime into a potluck extravaganza, where each family member brings their own culinary creation to the table, resulting in a smorgasbord of mismatched dishes and unexpected flavor combinations. Who needs a menu when you have a potluck lineup?

"The Hunger Bonding Ritual": Not affording food transforms mealtime into a bonding ritual, where the family gathers around the empty dinner table to share stories, jokes, and dreams of future feasts. Who needs a fancy banquet hall when you have a heartfelt family dinner conversation?