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5 months ago

Never meet your heroes

Specially if they want to clobber you
Here are five humorous reasons why you wouldn't want to experience police brutality:

The "Donut Detox" Disaster:
"Getting roughed up by the cops means missing out on the perfect excuse for indulging in a guilt-free donut binge. No handcuffs, no calories, no fun!"

The "Cufflink Conundrum" Calamity:
"Who wants to show off stylish bracelets made of steel? It's a fashion faux pas even the runway can't redeem!"

The "License to Limbo" Lament:
"If you experience police brutality, say goodbye to any hopes of winning the annual limbo championship – those handcuffs are a serious obstacle!"

The "Mugshot Makeover" Mayhem:
"Getting your picture taken for a mugshot might sound fun, but let's face it – orange isn't exactly your color, and those fluorescent lights are not kind to anyone's complexion!"

The "Cop Car Confusion" Catastrophe:
"Forget about Uber ratings – getting a ride in the back of a police cruiser will seriously tank your social status. #RideShareRegrets"