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5 months ago

Get what you deserve

In this case not having a phone.
Want more revenge? We have some options that won't land you in trouble with the cops:

The "Puppy Parcel": Since she always had a soft spot for furry friends, you decide to send her a monthly subscription of dog poop parcels. Each package comes with a note saying, "Thought you might enjoy cleaning up after something you love."

The "Billboard Betrayal": You rent a billboard on her daily commute route and display a Photoshopped image of her with a caption that reads, "Cheaters Never Prosper!" It's not illegal, but it sure is embarrassing!

The "Spam-a-Lot Scheme": You sign her email address up for every newsletter, spam email, and promotional offer imaginable. Her inbox becomes a chaotic mess of discount codes, dating site ads, and weight loss tips.

The "Social Media Switcheroo": You hack into her social media accounts (just kidding!) and replace all her photos with images of cartoon characters. Bonus points if you change her relationship status to "In a Relationship with SpongeBob SquarePants."

The "Gag Gift Gazette": You anonymously subscribe her to obscure magazines with titles like "The World of Moldy Cheese Collectors" or "Unicorn Enthusiast Weekly." Who knows, maybe she'll discover a new passion amidst the chaos of her mailbox.