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5 months ago

But the world can see her naked?

Seems she doesn't have any issue with that part
This behavior precedes these ones

The "Pet Party" Pandemonium:
You come home to find she's thrown a full-on birthday bash for your pet goldfish, complete with a tiny cake and fish-sized party hats for all.

The "Socks Overload" Spectacle:
She's started a protest against sock oppression by collecting every mismatched sock in the house and declaring them independent nations in the War of the Laundry Room.

The "Karaoke Catastrophe" Crisis:
You catch her serenading the neighborhood with an impromptu rendition of "Bohemian Rhapsody" at 3 a.m., complete with air guitar solos and interpretive dance moves.

The "Cereal Chaos" Commotion:
She's rearranged the alphabet cereal to leave cryptic messages in the breakfast bowl, like "SOS - Send Oreos" or "The milk is watching."

The "Dress-Up Debacle" Disaster:
You find her trying to dress your cat in a tiny tuxedo, insisting it's necessary for his role as Chief Feline Officer of the Household.