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5 months ago

What did she want?

A very risky strategy
Here are five funny ways to get your girlfriend's attention:

The "Skywriter Surprise": Hire a skywriter to spell out your message in the clouds above her house. Bonus points if you include an inside joke or a funny pun!

The "Catwalk Caller": Strut into the room wearing a ridiculous costume or outfit, like a superhero cape or a dinosaur onesie, and dramatically announce your presence like you're on a fashion runway.

The "Musical Messenger": Record a silly song or rap about your relationship and blast it from a boombox outside her window, complete with backup dancers (even if it's just you and your air guitar).

The "Punny Post-It Palooza": Cover her entire room with sticky notes, each one featuring a cheesy pun or a funny message. It's like a scavenger hunt for laughter!

The "Puppy Proposal": Show up at her doorstep with a bunch of adorable puppies wearing signs that spell out your message, whether it's "Will you go out with me?" or "I'm sorry for eating all your snacks."